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To keep your family, friends and neighbors safe it is essential to maintain the pool fencing around your swimming pool. The Everyday Plumbing team offer comprehensive pool compliance testing and assessment to ensure your pool meets all the safety requirements set out by the NSW compliance regulations. Book a pool compliance assessment in Glebe today.

Your pool inspector will provide either a certificate of compliance or a notice of non-compliance. Notification of this result will be supplied to the property owner as well as the local council authority in .

The Pool Certificate of Compliance is valid for 3 years and will state that on the date the certificate was issued the swimming pool complied with the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Which style of pool must adhere to the NSW compliance regulations?

Pool structures which are capable of being filled with 300mm of water or more and are used for swimming or other water activities must adhere to the NSW swimming pools laws. These include:

  • Concrete or fibreglass pools
  • Inflatable pools
  • Temporary or wading pools
  • Above ground pools and spas

When do I need to have my pool inspected?

If you live in NSW you must have your pool professionally inspected and assessed prior to the sale or lease of a property, ie:

  • When selling the property
  • When renting or leasing the property - pool owners will be required to include a current pool certificate of compliance in the leasing agreement before being able to lease a property with a pool.
  • It is recommended that if you are purchasing a property with a pool that you get an independent pool inspection.

If required our team can carry out a range of repairs or upgrades to your pool or spa area to meet compliance requirements.

Please note - these works are limited to specified value, speak to our team for more information.

The compliance regulations cover aspects such as the pool fence, gate, hinges and locking systems. Listed is a brief description of the pool fence requirements, your pool certifier will provide you with specific information for your property.

The pool fence

  • The pool fence must be at least 1.2m high from the finished ground level.
  • The pool fence may only have a gap under the fence smaller than 10 cm from finished ground level.
  • If the property boundary fence makes up part of the pool fencing the barrier must be 1.8m high.
  • No gap of larger than 10cm is allowed between vertical bars in the fencing.
  • If the fence contains horizontal climbable bars these must be spaced at least 90cm apart.
  • Holes no greater than 13mm in perforated or mesh barriers for fences of 1.2m high.
  • Perforated or mesh barriers of 1.8m height with holes greater than 13mm must not exceed 100mm.
  • Pool fencing must be maintained and in good working order at all times.

local council pool compliance requirements

Check with your local council for any specific swimming pool compliance requirements in . Your pool certifier will be able to assist with ensuring that your pool adheres to these guidelines.

Pool compliance requirements in

Book a pool compliance check in today with the Everyday Plumbing team at 0488 801 008 or complete our quick online pool inspection booking request today.

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