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Practical efficient solutions to your drainage problems

Are you struggling with problems like overflowing stormwater drains or a flooding backyard? Do the sinks and showers in your home take a long time to empty of water? Our plumbers can help. We specialise in providing practical, efficient drainage solutions for a huge range of sewer and stormwater drainage issues throughout the Sutherland Shire and surrounding areas.

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Complete drain unblocker strategies

Our team uses specialist equipment such as drain cameras and water jetters to quickly get to the bottom of the drainage issue. The drain camera allows our plumbers to identify exactly what is causing the drain to flood or back up and the precise location of the blockage. This information helps our team decide on the best way to clear the drain as well as where the most efficient access point is.

If the blockage is thought to be not far along the drain (like a flushed toy or large toilet paper mass) the team may use a plumbers eel or another strategy to remove the clog. Each blocked drain situation is unique and calls for a knowledgeable assessment to find the ideal drain unblocker approach.

Long-term pipe repair methods

After finding and clearing the drain blockage it’s important to check the pipe to find out if there is an underlying cause of the clog. Often it’s just a case of something getting flushed or washed down the drain that shouldn’t have. However, sometimes the condition of the pipe can be a contributing factor to the blockage.

A rough or uneven surface on the inside of the pipe can cause debris to catch and slowly build up, collecting more and more over time leading to a large lump which eventually blocks the drain completely.

Cracks in the pipe or broken sections can further add to the problems with the damage allowing wastewater to escape the drain, polluting the soil, and providing a way for dirt, debris or tree roots to get into the pipe.

Unfortunately, unless pipe repairs are carried out these issues will lead to continual blockages in this drain.

Depending on the extent of the damage to the drain there are several pipe repair methods that can be used. Our plumbers will let you know which of these options, or an alternative, will provide the best solution for your drain.

  • Pipe relining - used to place a durable liner inside the old, damaged pipe creating a strong new pipe with a smooth surface and sealing any cracks or breaks.
  • Pipe patching - similar to pipe relining but utilised for smaller sections of the damaged pipe.
  • Pipe replacement - excavating or digging up the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new section.

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