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Everyday Plumbing and Gas Services is your trusted, local plumber in the Canterbury Bankstown area. Our experienced team provide a huge range of residential and commercial plumbing services, from blocked drains to a new hot water system, we can help.

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Emergency plumber Canterbury Bankstown

When vital plumbing systems stop working around your home or business you’ll probably need a plumber in a hurry.

Our emergency plumber is on hand to respond quickly to your urgent plumbing requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call 0406 400 200 anytime and our plumbers and gas fitters will come to you without delay.24 Hour Emergency Plumber Canterbury Bankstown

Some of the common urgent plumbing problems our emergency plumbers called out to repair include:

  • No hot water
  • Leaking hot water tank or pipes
  • Burst pipe
  • Gas leak
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Blocked drain
  • No water
  • Grease trap issues
  • Water leak - in walls, ceiling, or anywhere inside the house
  • Pilot light not lighting or staying lit.

Hot water service

The average life of a storage hot water system is around 10 years which could mean your hot water heater is in need of an upgrade. Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether to repair or replace the unit, especially if you’re not sure how old the system is.

Solar hot water system

Our plumbers and gas fitters can provide expert advice on the best, most economic course of action, now and in the long term.

We offer the supply, installation, repairs, and maintenance of all styles of hot water systems; gas, electric, solar, instant, and heat pump.

Not sure what to do with a blocked drain?

Hopefully, a badly blocked drain is not a situation most people often need to deal with. Blocked drains tend to either creep up on us slowly or occur suddenly (like when someone flushes a toy). Whichever way it happens the result is usually the same, sewage or stormwater doesn’t drain from the home the way it should.

Tree root intrusion - Blocked drain

Clogged drains can quickly cause a big mess. Depending on where the blockage is and what is causing the clog, having a go with a plunger could dislodge the obstruction. Often this is just a temporary solution and if you manage to get the drain flowing again we recommend calling your plumber in to check the blockage will not reoccur.

More drain unblocking tips can be found here - How to unblock 5 common types of blocked drains

Prompt, professional Sydney plumber

Everyday Plumbing and Gas Services service all of Sydney’s southern areas including Canterbury Bankstown, Sutherland Shire, Liverpool and St George.

Plumbing services in Canterbury Bankstown

Our expert team of plumbers and gas fitters are fully equipt to tackle any gas or plumbing service you need, including.

Canterbury Bankstown plumbers

We cover the whole Canterbury Bankstown council area. Need a plumber today? We service your suburb.

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Suburbs that we service in Canterbury Bankstown

Plumbing FAQ

How do I know if I need a plumber?

Anytime you find a problem with the plumbing in your home or business you should call a plumber. Whether it is to assess the problem or to fix it, a plumber is the only person that can give proper advice on the problem. If it is an emergency, ensure that you clearly state the emergency when talking to the plumber. Any plumbing problem big or small if left unfixed has the potential to turn into an emergency.

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Why do my pipes make knocking sounds?

Knocking pipes are usually caused by improperly secured piping, or by air bubbles being compressed within the pipes. Neither of these are a major cause for concern. Having your pipes secured with proper fittings should stop any shaking during use. However, if the problem is due to air bubbles then a visit from your local plumber can help to remove the problem.

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For more Plumbing resources, check out our Plumbing Information pages

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Important: If you need a Plumber quickly, please phone us on 0406 400 200 24 hours a day and talk direct to a qualified plumber. If you fill the form in below, we will assume your enquiry is not an emergency and respond accordingly.

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Important: If you need a Plumber quickly, please phone us on 0406 400 200 24 hours a day and talk direct to a qualified plumber. If you fill the form in below, we will assume your enquiry is not an emergency and respond accordingly.

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Your Trusted Plumbers During Covid-19

Everyday Plumbing and Gas is still operating as per our normal hours. So whilst your self isolating at home, make sure your plumbing is in good working order. Whether it's fixing a blocked drain, replacing a faulty hot water system or installing that new gas heater, our Plumbers are available.

Your Safety is Important

For your peace of mind, all our Plumbers are trained and comply with the latest government mandates. Ask about "No Touch" when booking.