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Why has Caringbah had 6 sewage overflows in 12 months?

Jul 05 2019

In the suburb of Caringbah, 24 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD, they have been having some plumbing issues… make that they have been having some major plumbing issues. Over the last 12 months, they have no less than 6 sewage overflows (yes, you read that right, six) on Carabella Road in Central Caringbah, with the latest stretching south to Taronga Parade. ..


Fibre optic sonar being used to locate leaks

Jul 04 2019

With the introduction of Level 1 water restrictions across Greater Sydney from 1 June 2019, the ability to locate leaks within the city’s 22,000km of piping is an incredibly important addition. Sydney Water have therefore commenced funding a new trial with the University of NSW (UNSW) to test new sonar technology that utilises fibre optics, as opposed to copper, to find piping leaks around Sydney. With the testing of such impressive new technology occurring on our doorstep, we thought we would take a look into what it is all about. If you have any questions, speak with your local plumber about leak detection options for your home or office.  ..


Don't get caught without hot water this winter

Feb 28 2019

The January 2019 average temps were the highest on record for New South Wales and much of the rest of Australia. The usually sizzling month was the warmest on record for NSW as a whole with a scorching 48.8℃ high recorded in the western NSW town of Menindee. ..


How to stop a noisy tap

Jan 30 2019

If you have ever experienced a noisy tap you know just how annoying and frustrating that whining sound can be every time you turn on your tap. Thankfully the majority of noisy taps boil down to a few reason with couple you can fix yourself. Some cases however, you will have to phone your phone your local plumber. ..


Difference between a thermostatic mixing valve and a tempering valve

Jan 23 2019

Not sure if you need to install a tempering valve or a thermostatic mixing valve? Your local plumber can provide you with advice specific to your water heating requirements but here’s the low down to get you started. ..


Mega fatburg in the UK - how it is your problem too.

Jan 10 2019

Sidmouth, population of 12 500-ish, is a seaside town in Devon, England, about the size of Lithgow or Muswellbrook, with its very own humungous fatberg. ..


5 tips for summer holiday readying your home plumbing

Dec 11 2018

Carrying out a few simple checks and plumbing maintenance now can help prevent unexpected issues across the holiday period. ..


How does an instantaneous hot water system work

Nov 21 2018

Instantaneous hot water systems are getting more popular and quickly becoming the hot water system of choice for new homes. This is vastly due to the small amount of space that these systems take up. These systems are wall mounted and almost an 8th of the size of a traditional water tank. Without storing water these systems heat the water as it travels into your home meaning, unlimited hot water. ..


How does a storage hot water system work

Jul 10 2018

This is one of the most common systems found in Australian households. Their simplistic design and the ability to be powered by either electricity or gas makes them an easy choice for homeowners. Ease of use and fairly easy to maintain although these systems aren't as perfect as they seem. ..


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Service used: Plumbing
5 5

I’ve used Sam a couple of times for work. he’s great, fixed a urinal for me today that wasn’t flushing properly. I called him up at 7:30am, its now 3:30pm and the jobs done. $150 – no problem! No problem recommending Sam.

Service used: Plumbing
5 5

I was told someone would be there at 8:30 the plumber arrived at 8:20 and installed the new tap by 9am, I’m use to plumbers being late

Service used: Plumbing,Hot Water,Blocked Drains,Gas Fitting
5 5

Sam and the team have been helping my extended family out with plumbing for a few years now. He always answers his phone, so if its urgent like a blocked shower drain or something we know we’ve got a solid reliable contact. As a person he’s friendly, polite and professional. Also the advice he gives indicates he has our best interests in mind, as he’s always pointing out ways to save. Good contact to have.

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