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Who do I contact if there is a gas leak?

Gas leaks in your home or business can range from minor to a major emergency, but irrelevant of how important you believe it may be, it is still vital that you treat every gas leak seriously. So, what do you do if you suspect there is a gas leak and who do you contact? We have provided a little information below regarding gas leaks, however if you are worried that it may be a major gas leak or either property or life is at risk, call 000 immediately.

Who to call

What do I do if I smell gas outside my house?

If you smell gas outside your home, it may be that the leak is in the pipe connecting the gas supply either from the meter or the street itself to your home. If that is where you believe the gas is coming from, move as far away from the leak as you can and call your distributor. The name of your distributor will be found on your gas bill, like :

  • Australian Gas Networks (Gas Leaks and Emergency Services) - 1800 427 532
  • Jemena (Faults and Emergencies) - 131 909

Generally, your gas retailer (such as Origin) will be different to who your gas distributor is - your gas distributor is responsible for the main gas line until it reaches your meter, as well as your actual meter. They will be able to assist you as to what steps to take next when it comes to the suspected gas leak.


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What do I do when I smell gas inside my house?

If the smell of gas appears to be coming from inside your home, not outside it, it may mean that there is a leak from the pipe running from the meter or from an appliance. If this is the case, you must act quickly to advise a qualified gas fitter and ensure the leak doesn’t get any worse :

  • To begin, turn off all gas appliances in your house, including pilot lights
  • If you have natural gas, you must shut off the main gas valve
  • If you have LPG, you must close the gas cylinder valve
  • Open all your doors and windows, to ensure the gas leaves the building as much as possible

Ensure you call a gas fitter straight away, so they can attend the building, find the leak and complete any repairs that are needed. Remember, a property owner is responsible for repairs to the gas pipe starting from the meter and going throughout a building, so it is best to locate the issue as soon as possible so it can be resolved.

What not to do!

There are a few points you should remember to never do when you think there may be a gas leak either inside your home or business, or somewhere around it :

  • Never use a flame to locate a gas leak - this includes matches and lighters!
  • Never turn lights on or off near where you believe the gas leak may be - always use a torch or phone if light is needed
  • Never let any sort of flame, such as matches or lighters, near where the gas leak is suspected to be
  • Never use electrical equipment near the suspected leak or its surrounding area

*Handy Tip - Keep the name and contact numbers of your local energy distributor and emergency gas fitter already installed in your phone, so you don’t have to go searching around if an emergency occurs. The last thing you want to do when a gas leak happens is to be trying to find the right person to call!

It is important to contact 000 if you feel anyone, and/or any property, are in harm's way due to a gas leak. Otherwise, contact the numbers listed above or us on 0406 400 200 and we can assist with locating the leak and getting it resolved as soon as possible. Your safety is our top priority, and locating a gas leak promptly will ensure you and your family will remain safe and sound. We offer an emergency, 24 hour gas fitting service, so give us a call round the clock and we can attend gas leaks at any time. If you have any questions, give us a call today!



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