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Flued vs Unflued Gas Heaters

When it starts to get a little colder in the evenings and mornings aren’t as bright as they used to be, you will probably be considering putting on your slippers and looking at a new gas heater for a little extra warmth. When it comes to the right heater for your home however, you want to ensure you have all the information before making a decision. So, when terms like ‘flued’ and ‘unflued’ gas heater get thrown around, what does it really mean? Take a look below for some answers.

What is a gas heater?

A gas heater produces heat output through the burning of fuel, namely gas, in your home or workplace. With the burning of gas fuel, there is also the creation of condensation and air pollutants which are released into the air whilst the area is being heated.

What is a flued gas heater?

A flued gas heater is a heater that is fitted into a particular place, meaning it can not be moved between rooms that need heating. It has a vent, or a ‘flue’, which removes the moisture and air pollutants from around the heater that have been released into the environment due to the burning of gas as fuel.


  • Less mould and mildew due to removal of moisture by flue
  • No extra ventilation needed


  • Efficiency can be slightly less due to heat being discharged through the flue
  • Installation costs can be higher due to the need for flue and gas infrastructure

Also note, a flued gas heater must be installed by a licenced gas fitter.

What is an unflued gas heater?

An unflued gas heater can usually be moved around from room to room with a bayonet, however as it does not have a flue, it does not remove any of the air pollutants or condensation from the air that has been produced by the heater. This can cause indoor air pollution, if used enough.


  • Heater can be moved around when you need it in different rooms
  • Highly efficient, with 90% efficiency for some heaters


  • A room must be properly ventilated when using an unflued gas heater con to ensure pollutants, gasses and moisture can escape safely
  • Can not be used in some small spaces such as bathrooms, small offices or bedrooms (it is actually illegal in some States)


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What is the difference between flued and unflued gas heaters?

Although both systems produce heat by burning gas fuel, there are two major differences between the heaters :

  • A flued gas heater is fitted in one place, whereas an unflued heater can be moved around
  • A flued heater has a ‘flue’, otherwise known as a vent, to remove bi-products and moisture that are discharged from the heater, whereas an unflued gas heater does not

When choosing a gas heater for your home or office, it is always strongly recommended that you speak to your local licenced gas fitter before making a choice. They are experienced in choosing the best system for just about any space, and can offer advice and recommendations for a suitable gas heater for your circumstances. At Everyday Plumbing, we have a team of qualified gas fitters that can assist with any questions or concerns you may have about a flued or unflued system, as well as installing the best gas heater in any space you need one most, so give us a call on 0406 400 200 or complete a job booking today. 


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