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Water Jetter vs Drain Snake

Excluding the humble plunger, When it comes to unblocking drains in Plumbing there are 2 viable but very different methods to choose from.

What is a Drain Snake?

Used in plumbing for nearly 100 years, the Drain Snake has been a staple of the plumbing trade due to its flexibility and how easy it is to transport and set up. Also known as a Plumbers snake, Toilet Jack or Electric Eel, the Drain Snake is used to dislodge clogged up drainage too difficult to do with a simple Plunger.

The body of a Drain snake is essentially a long flexible drill bit known as an Augur and they range from simple and cheap DIY hand Augers all the way up to motorised Roto Augurs.

Drain Snake Pic

What is a Water Jetter?

Water jetting is the use of high pressure water to clear drains and blockages in various sizes and works by blasting water in front of the nozzle as well as behind. A water Jetter is capable of cleaning both sewer drains, conduit and pipe cleaning of all sizes. It is a powerful, versatile and safe method for easy cleaning and removal of obstructions with next to no damage caused to the surrounding interior surface of the pipe.


Water Jetter Auger

Advantages to using a Drain Snake?

  • Initially cheaper due to the cost of the device
  • DIY Options and flexibility

Disadvantages to using a Drain Snake?

  • Abrasive
  • Can take significantly longer to clear a blocked drain
  • Leaves behind debris resulting in a reblockage

Advantages to using a Water Jetter?

  • Works on all types of block drains
  • Faster than other methods
  • Cheaper, Since this method is so fast, it ends up being cheaper for the customer
  • Works on grease
  • Superior range, can go 50 meters down a line
  • Water Jetting is also safer for your piping and fixtures

Disadvantages to using a Water Jetter?

  • Not many, in fact probably the only real disadvantage is the initial cost of the device itself.


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Conclusion, What is really better for clearing blocked drains?

Besides the DIY approach and the cost savings of doing it yourself, A Water Jetter wins out in most aspects, it is a lot safer and far less abrasive than using a flexible augur, it takes far less time to achieve a result and is essentially newer and better proven tech in the plumbing world.

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