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What are the advantages of pipe relining?

The hard to access nature of damaged drains or pipes presents unique repair problems, especially if those broken drains are under established structures like the house, building or concrete slab, pool, driveway, or gardens. Pipe relining solves several problems for property owners, businesses and body corporates. Pipe relining has many great advantages but if you're not sure if it's the right solution for you speak to your local drain specialist for advice on your drain problems.

No dig trenchless drain repairs

Removing and replacing a broken drain pipe can be a substantial project involving large machinery, digging a trench across your property potentially disrupting structures, then cutting and removing and reinstating the pipe.

Pipe relining, in most cases, can be carried out using existing access holes reducing the disruption to your property significantly.

Excavating for drain replacements
Excavating for pipe replacements

Long term solutions

Good quality pipe lining products have a useful life of over 50 years, which means you won’t need to worry about that section of pipe for more than half a century. Wouldn’t it be nice if all home repairs lasted that long?

Please note - not all pipe relining products are guaranteed to last this long. Speak to your drain specialist for details of the product they use.

Strong inner layer

The new liner set inside the old cracked drain provides a strong, durable inner layer much like sliding a new pipe through the old one. This new inner pipe ensures nothing can get in, like tree roots or dirt, and everything inside passes along the pipe unhindered.

Replace old pipes without digging

Ageing properties are more susceptible to drain and pipe damage. Often older homes plumbing systems can contain clay pipes which can misalign over time due to ground movement, crack or break.

Pipe relining allows clay pipe repairs to be carried out without removing large areas of the garden and even provides a practical no dig solution for cracked pipes under the house.


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Versatile drain repair option

Pipe relining is a versatile pipe and drain repair solution as most pipe relining products can be used on a variety of pipes, such as clay, PVC, and HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This means that whatever your pipes are made of pipe relining is a good repair option.

Pipe relining
Placing the pipe lining in the drain

Repairing large or small pipes

Pipe relining can be carried out on small domestic drainage pipes just like the ones in your yard, all the way up to large council stormwater drain pipes.

Fast drain repairs

While digging up and replacing pipes can take days, most pipe relining projects can be completed within 24 hours. This helps to keep costs down, reduces the interruption to your home or business operations, and allows urgent repairs to be carried out quickly.

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