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Advantages of a pre-purchase drain inspection

The excitement of buying a new home is a great feeling, all of that hard work and saving has finally paid off. During the buying investigation and pre-purchase process get a property inspection conducted. This is typically limited to a visual building inspection of both the inside and outside of the property. Unfortunately, one area which cannot be easily checked and is often overlooked is the plumbing systems of the building, more specifically the stormwater drains and sewer pipe systems.

Why don’t building inspections cover plumbing?

Building inspections are just that, a professional inspection of the building for obvious problems or faults. They are conducted to check the structural integrity of the house itself, covering the interior and exterior including the roof and under-floor spaces. Your building inspector will look for structural defects which could lead to ‘unforeseen damages’ down the road. However, it is most likely that the building inspector doesn't have access to, or the training to operate, a drain camera to fully investigate the drainage systems.

Benefits of a pre-purchase plumbing inspection

The question can be raised, “Do I really need a plumbing inspection before buying a house?” the answer is yes. Yes, you do. Having your plumbing inspected should be high at the top of your list of priorities and for good reason.

The cost of a plumbing inspection far outweighs the cost of plumbing repairs. Uncovering an issue before it becomes a big problem can help save money as well as give you peace of mind that you are not going to have future problems down the track.

It begs the question “Why would you spend your hard-earned money on a repair that you could have avoided with a simple inspection?”

Pre-purchase plumbing and drain inspections can identify issues such as:

In the market for a new house? The Everyday Plumbing team recommend getting a complete plumbing and drain inspection before you sign to avoid any nasty surprises.


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