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How to fix a running toilet

Does your toilet cistern sound like it’s constantly running and not shutting off like it should? The sound of a flushing toilet can get quite loud, imagine a constant water running sound echoing over your homes internal plumbing, never stopping. Despite being annoying, this type of problem can actually be quite wasteful and costly due to the possibility of large amounts of wasted water.

Don’t worry, here are some quick hints and tips in order to help fix your toilet or diagnose the problem before you call your plumber.

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My toilet won’t stop running

It can be very annoying, especially when it just doesn't stop. Does your toilet exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Your toilet makes a constant noise even when its not in use.
  • You toilet sounds like it is intermittently being filled with water even if it is not being used. This could go on and off all day and night.
  • Your toilet won’t flush properly unless you hold down the handle for longer than it used too.
  • There is water leaking around the overflow.
  • Your toilet runs for a longer time than usual after you have pressed the flush button or handle.


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How do I determine the possible cause of a running toilet?

Generally a running toilet that never seems to stop could be caused by the following common issues:

  • Flapper Valve has worn out. May cause a toilet that runs intermittently
  • Float device may be too high causing water to reach the overflow tube.
  • Flush button could be stuck in position causing the flush lever to be constantly depressed.
  • A slow leak, inspect around the toilet for evidence.
  • If all fails, turn off the water supply, if all the water drains out of your cistern this generally indicates a broken seal or inlet / outlet valve.

How to stop a toilet from running?

If you are struggling with getting your toilet to stop constantly running it's time to call your plumber. Before you call a plumber you can turn the water supply to your toilet completely off in order to not waste any more water, this is also a great option if you have multiple toilets in your home.

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