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How to stop a noisy tap

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If you have ever experienced a noisy tap you know just how annoying and frustrating that whining sound can be every time you turn on your tap. Thankfully the majority of noisy taps boil down to a few reason with couple you can fix yourself. Some cases however, you will have to phone your phone your local plumber.

Reasons for your noisy tap

There are numerous reasons that can cause your taps to be making noise. Some of the most common reasons being:

  • Aerator
  • Washers
  • Water Presure
  • Dying System

Below we explain how to fix the issues listed above. Some you will be able to do yourself and some you will need a professional plumber for.

Noisy taps from aerator

What is a tap aerator

The aerator is the mini gause that you typically see on the spout of the tap. These gause are there to catch any mineral deposit that can make their way through the water stream.

Tap Aerator

How to fix an aerator problem

To test if this is the problem simply unscrew the aerator and turn on the tap.

  • If the noise is gone then you know you just need to replace your aerator.
  • If the noise is still there then continue through the list of issues.

Noisy taps from washers

What is a tap washer

The tap washer is located on the inside of the tap casing. It is works by being screwed firmly against the water inlet stopping any water flow from coming out of the spout.

Tap Washer

How to fix a washer

If this is the problem you will be able to tell if due to the washer being worn out or having the wrong size washer. Please Note: To avoid flooding you will need to turn the water supply off at the mains of the property before dismantling your taps.

  • Once you have replaced the washers and the noise is gone then it was the washers.
  • If the tap continues to make noise after the washers have been replaced then continue through the list of issues

Noisy taps from water pressure

Where is water pressure located

Some water systems have a gauge preinstalled in order to read your systems current water pressure. These gauges will typically be closest to the pipe inlet to your premise. Gauges on your water systems are typically for temperature and will provide no insight for water pressure.

Tap Washer

How to fix water pressure

Water pressure in a premise should be no greater than 80 psi. Any higher can cause strange noises to make their way through your taps

  • If you lower your pressure to 80 psi or under and the noise is gone then you have fixed the problem
  • If by lowering the pressure and there is still noise then continue through the list of issues

Noisy taps from water system

How does noise come from my water system

In older homes it is quite common that the water system is no longer adequate to keep up with the demands of the house hold. Over time the pipes can be come blocked with either scale or debris. All of these contributing factors can result in noisy taps.

How to fix a water system

In the event that your water system is the reason behind your noisy taps then you will need to seek professional assistance from a local licenced plumber.

  • In extreme cases this is the only solution to stopping noisy taps.
  • If in the oddly extreme case that this doens't fix your issue then speak with your local plumber about other things that can be checked.

Regular plumbing maintenance

Alot of problems including noisy taps can be avoided with regular plumbing maintenance. This is the only way to properly find problems before they become issues. You can contact our team on 0406 400 200 to organise a time to come out and fix your noisy tap or to schedule for regular maintenace.


Please note: By doing any of the things written above you are taking full responsiblity for any damages that may happen as a result. Everyday Plumbing provides this guide for informational purposes only and strongly suggest that any plumbing work be conducted by a licensed professional.

Give the below few things a check before you call your local plumber, however, if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself then they will definitely be able to help you out.


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