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Why is my water pressure low

Low Water Pressure in the home

Low water pressure can be an annoying experience for everyone in your home. You might feel like a nice hot shower only to find a trickle of water comes out? What about filling a bath and it taking what feels like forever. Sometimes the cause can be as simple as accidentally leaving a tap on, commonly a garden tap. Sometimes there may also be scheduled water works and outages in your suburb.

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Common Low Water pressure causes

  • Multiple outlets being utilised at the same time
  • Clogged pipes can cause severe low water pressure
  • Your water shut off valve may be partially closed or turned off completely
  • Aging and faulty fixtures such as Shower heads and taps
  • Corroded plumbing
  • Water leaks in your piping
  • Faulty Garden watering systems

How can I fix low water pressure?

Before you call the professionals, there are a few things you can try to increase water pressure or diagnose these issues in your home:

  • Ask you neighbours, Do they have the same problem?
  • Check all your taps and shower heads inside and outside your house. Do they exhibit the same low pressure problem?
  • If the answer is No then this indicates an issue with only one fixture and could provide a far speedier solution for us to fix.
  • If the answer is Yes then it could indicate your main shut off valve is partially off, there may be bigger issue or something as simple as a scheduled water outage in your area.


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