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When do you have to call a plumber?

When you need a plumber around your home, it is easy to jump onto Youtube and try to sort the problem yourself through DIY videos and internet plumbing guides. You say to yourself that it will save you both time and money, meaning the plumbing problems will be fixed quicker and you are saving yourself some cash as well. But, is DIY really the best option or should you be picking up the phone to call your local plumber instead? 


What works can I complete myself?

Some basic tasks can generally be completed yourself without breaking the law, such as replacing a washer on your leaking tap or changing your shower head, if you have the knowledge of what to do. Always bear in mind however that you can actually cause yourself more problems (and potentially more money!) if you try and complete plumbing works and they are finished incorrectly. If in doubt, call a plumber!

What works should a plumber complete?

In reality, you should be calling a plumber to complete a large majority of your plumbing works, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Blocked drains
  • All gasfitting works
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Repairs to toilets, including cisterns
  • Hot water system repairs and installation, including replacement of old systems
  • Burst pipes
  • Installing of drains and pipes
  • Any plumbing renovation works
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Fittings are being converted to water efficient options



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Remember that a most plumbing repairs and installations are regulated, therefore it is always highly recommended that you give your local plumber a call to discuss your plans before you commence, to ensure you aren’t breaking the law. A majority of the time, it is better to just call a plumber as they are appropriately qualified, they hold all the relevant licences and can give you the appropriate certificates of compliance to give to any authorities or your insurance company. 

Why should I hire a plumber?

There are plenty of reasons that hiring a plumber is a good idea, including :

  • A plumber uses the proper tools for the job
  • A plumber has trade knowledge when it comes to the required repairs and installation, which can make a huge difference in both time and the quality of completed job
  • A lot of local and state laws require a qualified professional to complete various plumbing works, therefore make sure you are aware of any and all applicable laws and regulations before commencing any projects
  • Your home insurance may require a qualified professional to complete the works, instead of you doing them yourself, and may void some or all of your policy if not done this way. Always read the fine print!
  • In the long term, getting a plumber to complete the works will likely mean less problems later on... and this saves you both time and money.


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