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Leaking Tap Repairs

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Save on water costs, fix leaking taps today

We offer fast, reliable dripping tap repairs throughout Sydney. All tap styles including mixer taps, ceramic disc taps, as well as shower, bathroom, kitchen, toilet and garden taps.

Leaking taps can increase your water bills and also deteriorate over time if you don’t get them fixed. Get your leaking taps fixed promptly with our expert plumbers .


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Fix your taps fast

With the water price ever on the increase in Sydney, it makes sense to fix a dripping tap promptly to avoid unnecessary water charges. A single leaking tap can waste litres of water a day, quickly adding up to pointless water usage over a few months.

Check for drips

The average home can contain around 20 taps across the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, toilets, and garden. Many larger homes have even more. When you consider that over time each of these taps may develop leaks, some of which may not be obvious at first, regularly checking all the taps in your home for drips is a great money saving idea.

DIY tap washer replacement

Replacing a tap washer is one of the few plumbing jobs which can be done by you. If you decide to DIY ensure you replace the old washer with a quality fitting, reseat the tap to ensure the seal it tight, and replace the O-ring as well.

If do-it-yourself is not your thing or the tap is still leaking after you have replaced the washer give our team of plumbers a call, we can fix the leaking tap and check your other taps as well.

Why choose us for your Leaking Tap Repairs?

  • We understand and respect that your home is a sacred place. Due to this we treat your home as if it was our own and take the utmost care when installing, moving and/or cleaning any plumbing products, facilities or tools. We clean up the premises once the job is finished
  • We offer fair and competitive prices which include fixed rates for everyday issues
  • We are punctual and arrive on-time
  • Our on-call emergency plumber can respond promptly to your plumbing problems, any time of the day or night
  • Our work includes a lifetime labour guarantee
  • Our team of plumbers bring a wealth of industry knowledge to every job ensuring that we provide our customers with very best, most up-to-date service and advice possible

Leaking Tap Repair Specialists Sydney

For prompt and reliable leaking tap repairs throughout Sydney, contact Everyday Plumbing on 0406 400 200 or complete our online enquiry form .

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