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Gas Compliance Certificate

Do you have a gas compliance or inspection certificate?

In NSW all gas fitters are legally required to provide NSW Fair trading with completed copies of both Certificates of Inspection and Certificates of Compliance no more than 5 business days after any gas fitting work has been carried out.



Gas Certificates

A gas compliance or inspection certificate is evidence that the gas fitter has completed work on your system and that your system complies with current legislation. It also proves that your system either natural (network gas) or bottled (lpg) is free from defects and faults.

Gas Compliance Certificate

Compliance Certificates are issued when gas fitting work is carried out on a gas installation connected to a gas network.

The gas fitter will
  • Test the installation for defects.
  • Provide a certificate of compliance to the owner.

Gas Inspection Certificate

Inspection Certificates are issued when gas fitting work is carried out on a gas installation not connected to a gas network.

The gas fitter will
  • Test the installation for defects.
  • Inspection of all gas bottles, regulators and connected appliances.
  • Attach a compliance plate.
  • Provide a certificate of inspection to the owner.

Compliance Plate

Compliance plates are attached to gas appliances throughout the home. Modern appliances have a referencing number (shown below).

Type of Appliance Number
Stationary engine power generator or air conditioner 0
Cooktop or wok cooker 1
Refrigerator or absorption chiller 2
Instantaneous water, pool or spa heater 3
Tank hot water heater 4
Hot plate, grill or BBQ 5
Oven for baking, curing or drying 6
Decorative flare or gas light 7
Room heater or space heater 8
Other appliance 9
Compliance plate numbers can be found on NSW Fair Trading Website.

Who can issue Gas Certificates

Only a fully licenced gas fitter is able to issue you with either a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Inspection. It is important to ensure that anyone working on your gas service is fully licenced as it can void appliance or manufacturers warranties as well as home and business insurance.

Fact: All licenced gas fitters are also licenced plumbers but not all licenced plumbers are licenced gas fitters.

Everyday Plumbing

All of our plumbers are also fully licenced gas fitters so you can be rest assured that when an Everyday Plumber comes to your home, none of your insurances will be voided.

Everyday Gas Compliance

If you have any questions or would like to book a quote give us a call on 1300 520 898 or fill in our online booking form here and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you with your query.


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