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What do I need gas for?

Having gas supply to the home can be used to power hot water systems as well as certain appliances from cook tops and ovens to dryers and heaters. Gas is also a cheaper alternative to electricity which can also be a deciding factor for some people.


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Electricity Costs vs Gas Costs

As more and more people make the switch over to gas appliances and hot water systems some people are still unsure as switching can be costly. TL:DR; Gas is the cheaper option and over time you will recoup the outlay expenses.


Electricity customers are typically charged in kWh (kiloWatt-hour). On top of paying the usage you are also required to pay a "Daily Supply Charge" which covers the cost of transporting the electricity to your home. The general electricity rates in NSW homes is 32c/kWh (Subject of your provider).

Natural Gas

Natural gas customers get charged in MJ (MegaJoule). Gas customers will also have to pay the "Daily Supply Charge" for the transporting the gas to your home. Typical gas rates in NSW homes is 4c/MJ (Subject of your provider).

Bottle Gas

Bottled LPG customers get charged by the bottle which is generally $120. A 45kg gas bottle has 2200MJ broken down it equates to approximately 5c/MJ. Unlike gas and electricity suppliers you do not have a "Daily Supply Charge". This is useful for people that do not have the ability to have natural gas connected to their home.

Appliance Electricity Running Cost Gas Running Cost
36c >24c
Wall Mounted Heater
79c 52c
Clothes Dryer
109c 60c
Hot Water System*
396c 240c

*Assumes 260L gas/electric hot water storage system heating from 20°-70°.
table information source: canstar

Differences between Natural Gas and LPG

Whilst both are perfectly safe to use to power you hot water and appliances there are things that you should take into consideration prior to deciding which one is for you.

Common gas supplied to your home from a supplier is "Natural Gas" aka Methane. This service will continue to be supplied to your home as long as your bills are up to date. With "LPG" aka Propane bottles your supplier brings out 1 to 2 bottles whenever your older bottles become empty. Both provide constant gas supply but, if you only have 1 LPG tank then you could be waiting up to a day or two for a replacement.

When it comes to burning, LPG has a higher energy content than Natural Gas. Having a higher caloric value means that less LPG is required to produce the same amount of heat as natural gas. As you will see below LPG is 2.4 times more efficient than Natural Gas.
  • Propane - 93.2MJ/m 3
  • Methane - 38.7MJ/m 3

How long will a gas bottle last?

Due to gas bottles having to be replaced when they run out it is good to have a rough idea on how long (on average) a typical 45kg bottle will last. If your settings are lower or your usage time is less than what on the table the days you get out of your bottle will be increased.

Appliance Usage Time p/day Days Till Empty
Hot Water
20mins 52
60mins 244
Gas Heater
3 Hours 49
Gas Fireplace
2 Hours 44

The table above are estimated based on running at maximum settings/rate.
table information source: elgas

Things to note

When ever you have any work done whether it be installation, repair or maintenance. Always ensure that you use a reliable gas fitter and that once work is complete you recieve a compliance or inspection certificate.

Everyday Plumbing Difference

On top of the gas compliance and inspection certificate we offer a lifetime labour guarantee on all of the work carried out on your service by us. Get in touch today either by phone or form and see how we can help you.

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