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How does an instant gas hot water system work?

Instant gas hot water systems are becoming more and more popular across Australia, with their long list of benefits making them very appealing to many households and businesses. Otherwise known as a continuous or instantaneous hot water system, there are both LPG and natural gas models available, both which heat water if and when it is needed.

From a lower carbon footprint to potentially lower hot water system running costs long-term, keep reading to find out how they work and the benefits they can offer.

How does an instant gas hot water system work?

An instant gas hot water system works by heating water as and when you need it, as opposed to using a storage tank. Cold water travels into the system and is heated by a gas burner as it flows through a coiled pipe called a heat exchanger. The gas burner commences when you turn a hot water tap on, only heating the water that is needed instead of always having to heat a full tank. This means that as no hot water is stored, there is no heat loss from a tank, which results in both energy and cost savings.

To ensure that the water is heated correctly, the rate of water flow is decreased as it goes through the heat exchanger. This means that continuous flow hot water systems, like an instant gas option, supplies hot water at a lower pressure than storage systems (around 10-30 litres per minute).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an instant gas HWS?


  • Low energy costs.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Low upfront and maintenance costs
  • Small size.
  • Less water wastage.
  • Reliable.
  • Extensive usability.

Learn more about all the great benefits of instant gas hot water system here.


  • Only an option if gas is available in your area.
  • LPG can be expensive.
  • Potentially expensive upfront costs, especially if you need to have a gas connection installed.
  • The gas pipes and gas metres must be the correct size to ensure continuous hot water.


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What do you need to have an instant gas hot water system installed?

A gas connection! This is the major one - although LPG options are available if you do not, these can be expensive compared to natural gas options.

Who should have an instant gas hot water system installed?

Any household of up to 4 people would benefit from an instant gas HWS, with either a gas connection or the use of LPG. It is also great for people in smaller apartments or units, due to its convenience and small size.

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Looking for further help?

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*Photo courtesy of Energy Rating.

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