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How does a gas storage hot water system work?

Gas storage hot water systems are an eco-friendly option water heating for Australian homes, offering an alternative to electric storage heaters when it comes to reliable hot water heating. So, how do they work?

How does a gas storage hot water system work?

A gas storage hot water system heats water via a gas burner, which is located under the storage tank. Cold water is sent into the tank, where it sinks to the bottom and is heated. As the water gets warmer, it rises to the top of the tank and flows into your hot water piping when you turn on the hot water tap.

Temperature control and maintenance are conducted by a thermostat, with the element and burners ensuring that the stored water never drops below the legal 60°C. If the water pressure gets too high, water gets sent through the pressure relief valve and out through the overflow pipe. A flue runs through the middle of the tank to allow hot air and gas-burning fumes to escape.

What are the pros and cons of a gas storage HWS?


  • Gas is a cleaner fuel than electricity, so greenhouse emissions are lower.
  • Both LPG and natural gas options.
  • Faster reheat time than many other options.
  • Eco-friendy.
  • Long term running costs are generally lower than traditional options.


  • LPG can be expensive.
  • If you need a gas connection installed, this can be expensive.
  • Higher upfront costs in general.
  • Must either be located outside or have a flue.


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What do you need to have a gas storage hot water system installed?

In order to have a gas storage hot water system installed, you either need a natural gas connection or LPG available, as well as a suitable location for the hot water storage tank to be located. They are larger than instant options, so if you have very little space - e.g. a studio apartment - gas storage HWSs aren't likely a great choice.

Who should have a gas storage hot water system installed?

If you already have a gas connection in your home or workplace, gas storage hot water systems are a great choice. Additionally, if you have high hot water needs and are conscious of your carbon footprint, speak to an industry expert about the benefits that a gas storage hot water system can offer.

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