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Hot water systems - how do they work?

Hot water is a big part of everyday life - from dishwashers to showers to washing machines to kitchen taps, hot water plays a huge role in a range of mundane (and not so mundane) tasks... and we usually take it for granted a lot of the time.

But, have you ever considered how the hot water flows from your shower after a long day, or how a hot water system makes sure the water from your faucet is nice and hot? Wonder no longer - we have all the info you need about how they work and what they do. Give Everyday Plumbing a call on 0406 400 200 to learn more.

Hot Water System

What are the different kinds of hot water system?

There are generally 4 major types of hot water system:

  • Electric hot water systems.
  • Gas storage hot water systems.
  • Instant gas hot water systems.
  • Heat pump hot water systems.

There are also solar and instant electric, however they will not be discussed here.

How do hot water systems work?

How a hot water system works depends on what type it is - each has a specific process it uses to heat water, with a range of advantages (and disadvantages) to match.

Electric hot water systems

There are two major kinds of electric hot water systems - storage and continuous flow - which are used by Australians. For storage systems, water is heated and held in a storage tank until used, whereas continuous flow systems only heat water as you need it.

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Gas storage hot water systems

Gas hot water systems work by heating a burner which is situated underneath the tank. As the burner heats the bottom of the tank the hot water rises to the top which allows the whole tank to warm.

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Instant gas hot water systems

An instant gas hot water system, otherwise known as a continuous or instantaneous hot water system, is a compact device which heats water if and when it is needed for your home or workplace. There are both LPG and natural gas models available.

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Heat pump hot water systems

Heat pump water heaters work by transferring heat from the air outside your home and using it to heat your water. Modern systems are effective even in cooler climates (-7 to 40 degrees Celsius) which makes them ideal for warm summers and cold winters.

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