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Benefits of an Instant Gas Hot Water System

A hot water system is a major part of most households and businesses, and something a lot of us take for granted. With the availability of more eco-friendly, energy efficient options now becoming available in the hot water and electricity industries, it is only logical that community discussions are becoming more common about what systems would be best for their homes and workplaces, whilst doing their bit for the environment. When it comes to energy efficiency, low energy costs and effective hot water production, an instant gas hot water system is one of the best options around.

Instant Hot Water Systems

What is an instant gas hot water system?

An instant gas hot water system, otherwise known as a continuous or instantaneous hot water system, is a structure which heats water and provides it to your/hot-water home or workplace. There are both LPG and natural gas models available, both which heat water if and when it is needed.

How is an instantaneous system different from a traditional system?

When looking at traditional systems vs instant gas hot water systems, there are a few differences between them that should be considered. When it comes to the traditional option, its heaters can only heat a particular amount of water at a time and, when this has been used, it takes time to refill the tank with fresh water and warm it back up again before it can be used again. A continuous hot water system, however, is, in essence, an ‘endless’ supply of hot water - as an instant system only heats the water you need, as you need it, there isn’t any waiting for a tank to fill up and get hot, and cutting out your hot water halfway through your shower. There is also a considerable size difference - traditional systems are much bigger - and continuous hot water systems are a lot more energy efficient.

What are the advantages of an instant gas hot water system?

There are quite a few benefits of an instant gas hot water system, including :

Energy efficient and low energy costs

A continuous gas hot water system is considerably more energy efficient than traditional gas hot water systems, as no energy is lost in storing water in a big tank like older systems. This also means a big tick for the environment, with instant gas hot water systems being the most energy efficient and sustainable option besides solar power and they also generally have lower CO2 emissions. More energy efficient = less energy costs for you. Saving energy, saving money... big bonus!

Low upfront and maintenance costs

Setting up new systems can be expensive, however, an instant gas hot water system has lower upfront costs than either heat pump or solar systems. And, if an upgrade of your gas line isn’t required, the installation costs for a unit are nice and low too. The ongoing costs to maintain instantaneous hot water systems are a lot lower than a lot of other systems, which is a great long term positive consideration.

Small size and less water used

No matter whether you have a large sprawling garden or a small, fenced in backyard, a continuous gas hot water unit will fit anywhere! Its small unit size means it can be used in tight areas, big patios or anything in between. There are also indoor and outdoor options available. And, as it is located near the water areas of your home, such as the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, less water is wasted getting from the unit to the tap.


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Reliable source of hot water and quality

An instantaneous hot water system heats water if and/or when you need it, meaning you will never fall short of hot water when having a shower again. As the water is heated as you go, there is no need to keep water stored at 60°C to avoid the growth of bacteria, meaning the system only needs to warm the water to the required faucet temperature. As an added bonus, as water is heated as needed, there is no delay time in waiting for a storage tank of water to warm up again. Also, as continuous gas hot water system does not require a storage tank, and water is heated as needed, components like rust do not enter the water being used. Tankless systems generally produce fresher and cleaner water than systems that rely on tanks. 

Durable heater type

An instant gas hot water system has a much longer life expectancy than a storage unit or tank, with a projected life of around 20 years (as opposed to 10 years for other systems). Also, as there isn’t a tank, there is one less thing to corrode or leak and cause more issues.

Extensive usability

If you are after a little more control over your hot water system, you can set up system controls for particular water outlets (or all outlets!) around your home for exact temperature measurements. And, if you are after the best energy efficiency, you can use your instant gas hot water system with a solar hot water system. Some units do not even require electricity to power them!

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