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Environmentally friendly solar hot water system

Whether you are aspiring to reduce your carbon footprint or trying to get your electricity bill lower, a solar hot water system maybe just what you are looking for. Unlike traditional storage hot water systems, solar hot water systems work by harnessing their power from the sun. That power is then converted into heat which in turn heats up your water.


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Benefits of a solar hot water system

A solar hot water system will cost you more to buy and install than other more traditional hot water systems . The higher cost of a solar system howerver is quickly recouped over the life of the system due to the savings from lower electricity bills.

When it comes to benefits of solar hot water, they should outweight the initial upfront cost.

  • You will end up making your money back over time and then that money becomes savings.
  • You use less greenhouse gases in your home by switching to a solar system.
  • Many newer homes will be able to incorporate this cost into the home loan.
  • Solar hot water systems are the only system that uses renewable energy for power.

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Solar hot water system brands

As solar hot water systems continue to grow in popularity both in new home building and home renovation so does the growth in brands that provide a solar hot water systems. The only things that separate these brands from eachother is price and what their product can deliver to your home.

From the solar hot water system manufacturers

Below we have snippets from different brands sites about their system. You can visit their site by clicking the hot water system.

Need to know more on solar hot water systems?

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