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Pros and cons of in-wall cisterns

Your bathroom doesn’t need to look boring anymore. The in-wall cisterns can transform the look of your bathroom. For small bathrooms, it can add more space and for larger bathrooms, it adds a contemporary look to your bathroom. The in-wall cisterns have many advantages over the traditional boxed cisterns. But it does have some disadvantages too. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of in-wall cisterns and whether asking your plumber to install one in your bathroom is a good idea.

How does the toilet system work?

Toilets come up two parts - bowl and cistern or tank.

The water is stored in the tank and when the flush button is pressed - the valve in the cistern opens and water goes down to the bowl. The valve closes and the cistern refills itself. This is how the toilet works. The back to wall toilet requires more space. The concealed toilets are an improvement and the cisterns and pipes are hidden inside the wall with only the bowl being visible.

Pros of concealed toilet cisterns

The concealed toilet cisterns can be installed in your bathroom if you are planning a bathroom renovation or buying a new house. The advantages of concealed toilet cisterns include:

  • They can provide a stylish and contemporary look to the bathroom
  • Concealed toilets can save a lot of space compared to the back-to-wall style toilets as the pipes and cisterns are hidden neatly inside the wall.
  • The cistern or tank can be a storehouse for dust and bacteria, with these parts being hidden, it is a more hygienic option.
  • They're easy to clean
  • The flush button can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, making it ideal for people with limited mobility or ambulant requirements.
  • Concealed toilets are a sought after style, installing one could potentially increase the resale value of your property
  • This style of toilet offers personalisation options as the toilet and push plates come in various options.


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Cons of concealed toilet cisterns

Some of the disadvantages of the in-wall cisterns include:

  • It is hard to replace or repair when a problem arises. With tiled walls, it is hard to access the cistern and it would increase the repair costs. However, if the cistern is placed in a wall void, your plumber can access it easily.
  • It can be more expensive compared to the back to wall toilet.
  • In case of any water issues, the cistern cannot be refilled with water.
  • It requires specific toilet pans that can manage the weight of the person using the toilet and installation of the bowl requires extra labor and adds to your expenses.

Are in-wall toilets right for your bathroom?

Do you like the design of the concealed toilets? It could be a good idea to install one in your house. Especially if you are planning to renovate your bathroom. Make sure you choose the right brand and discuss it with a professional plumber to see if it is a suitable choice for your home design.

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