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Tree Root Intrusion

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Are your drains blocked due to tree root intrusion?

In some blocked drain cases, the issue is not what has made its way down the sink, in fact, it has nothing to do with anything inside of the home. These particular blocked drain cases are caused by tree roots intruding into the pipe causing the blockage.


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How does root intrusion happen?

When warm water flows through a pipe it can cause vapour to escape into the cold surrounding soil. Tree roots can detect moisture and nutrient differences in the soil and will typically grow in the direction of the most beneficial soil. If a tree root reaches a crack or joint in the pipes the tree roots can then penetrate an opening to reach the moisture inside the pipe.

Root intrusion in a pipe

Once inside the pipe, the root will expand the initial entry point with a fair amount of pressure as it continues to grow. The growth of the tree root will eventually break the pipe which then potentially can cause the pipe to collapse.

How do we clear drains blocked by tree roots?

Whilst the tree roots are small it is possible to remove them mechanically with a special root-clearing tool. This robotic cutter tool cuts the root into smaller pieces which can then flush away. Depending on the extent of the damage caused by the tree root you may be able to have pipe relining done to avoid future problems.

How to prevent tree roots from blocking the drains again?

To avoid root intrusion from happening again, depending on the level of damage caused by the original tree root you can either:

Pipe Reline


If the damage isn't that bad you may be able to have pipe reline done. This is where the inside of the existing pipe is relined with a special resin that sets harder than the original pipe. Due to the relining resin covering the existing joins in the pipe it makes the pipe twice as strong and has no gaps for the tree root to re-penetrate.

Pipe Replacement


In some cases, if the damage is that bad you will have to have the entire pipe replaced. Pipe replacement will stop future root intrusion from happening although does cost a lot more than pipe replacement.

Root intrusion blockage

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