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Electric Hot Water Systems

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Are you looking for a new electric hot water system?

Here at Everyday Plumbing we know how much of an inconvenience no hot water can be on a household. There is nothing worse than jumping into a cold shower to start the day. Our expert plumbers can help you to decide on a new hot water system to get your hot water back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. We can supply and install a wide range of electric hot water systems including brands such as Dux, Rheem and Rinnai.


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Two main types of electric hot water systems

Storage Hot Water Systems

This is a big insulated cylinder tank that holds upwards of 80 litres at one time. The water is kept at a consistent tempreture in order to keep bacteria from growing within the tank and the water. When you turn the tap on inside the home the water is then transferred out of the main tank and cooled to tempreture regulations before entering the home.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

These are usually wall mounted and are quite compact units that do not require a concrete bed to sit on. When you turn your tap on inside the home water is pushed through an "S" tube within the unit which heats it up to tempreture before it reaches the tap. These units deliver hot water continually as they pull the water straight from your water source (Water tanks or town water pipes).

Benefits of Electric Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

More and more homes are making the switch to continuous flow units each day. An electric continuous flow hot water system can offer far better energy effiency than the traditional hot water storage tank. Instead of water having to be continually heated in a giant tank, continuous flow systems heat the water as you need it on the way into your home.

Continuous hot water

The ability to have hot water on demand and in unlimited supply is a huge plus for large families or people who have alot of guests. The need to conserve the hot water in the house hold will be a thing of the past with a continous flow system.

Money saving

When is comparison to tank water and other hot water system types a continuoyus flow system only heats the water when it is needed. They automatically switch themselves off when no hot water is needed. There isn't any tank heat loss or extra energy wasted to maintain the waters tempreture. This will become more apparent when you recieve your first water bill after the change

No bacteria

If you are worried about germs and bacteria you have nothing to fear with a continuous flow unit. Bacteria love warm areas which makes hot water storage tanks a breeding ground. As a result hot water tanks have to be kept at a minimum of 60°C in order to stop the bacteria that cause Legionnaires disease from forming. Due to continuous flow systems being tankless the risk of dangerous bacteria forming is practically none.

Please Note: To fully protect yourself from the growth of bacteria it is recommeded to have regular maintenance carried out on your hot water system by a licenced professional.

Servicing and repairs of electric hot water system

It is strongly recommended that any or all repairs, service and regular maintenance is carried out by a professional plumber . This is to ensure that everything is covered by the plumber in the event that something fails to operate correctly as a direct result of their work. This will not only benefit you in the long run but also add peace of mind.

Get an Electric Hot Water Systems Today

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