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March 10, 2022

Hot Water System tips from actual plumbers

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Your hot water system plays a crucial part of your home's comfort and health of you and your family. Keeping your hot water system fully functional is essential and the best part is you can keep it that way. We have compiled a list of simple tips that will keep your hot water system and your family happy and healthy.

Check your tank regularly

Set aside some time at least once a month to check your hot water system. You are looking for cracks, water leaks or general wearing of the system from the exterior. This 5-minute check if done every month can help you find any issues before they become big problems.

Fact: A slow leaking hot water system can cost you up to and more than 786L a year (Thats over ¾ of a ton of water annually).

Hot water systems and holidays

If you are planning to be away for awhile chances are you will overlook your hot water system. Prior to leaving it is advised that you turn off your hot water system. This is so that your system:

  • Will not try to heat water that isn't being used.
  • Preserving your heating elements and ultimately extending the life of your system.
  • Save you in gas and electricity from not heating

Relief valve inspection

Every 6 months or so you are going to want to check your relief valve. In order to do this, you will need to look through your hot water system manual or google your model number and download the PDF manual. The relief valve plays an integral part within your hot water system as it relieves the system of excess pressure.

Hot Water Pressure Relief Valve

The general way to test the valve is by raising and lowering the test lever several times so it lifts the stopper that it is connected to. If it is working correctly hot water should rush out of the end of the connecting pipe. If no water or a trickle of water comes out then you need to have the valve replaced.

After testing and you have closed off the valve if it continues to have water flowing through the drainpipe try raising and lowering the lever a few more times. This is to try and free any lodged debris that could be preventing the valve from closing. If this doesn't work then your valve needs to be replaced.

Note: When performing the relief valve inspection ensure you are wearing fully enclosed shoes or boots as the water that will come out from the pipe will be at a hotter than tap hot water. This is due to the hot water not being mixed with the cold water prior to entering the home.


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Gardening near hot water systems

If your system is located on a grassy area next to your home be very careful when doing any kind of gardening or yard maintenance. A whipper snipper will make short work on the pipes that feed your system. When mowing any rocks or sticks can become projectiles which could cause cracks or dents on your system if hit. Be mindful and careful when operating in this area.

Call a plumbing professional

At least once a year get a professional plumber out to carry out a full inspection of your hot water system. This will include checking and changing of the anode if necessary and a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of the tank as well as replacement of any parts. Having a local plumber inspect your system once a year can also help to prevent any future problems from arising. Catching a problem before it starts is always better than cleaning up afterwards.

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