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Hot Water Repairs Sutherland Shire

Are you looking for prompt, expert hot water system repairs?

Our team of fully qualified and licensed plumbers and gas fitters are able to repair any style of gas, electric, heat pump, or solar hot water systems. No matter how old your storage or instant hot water system may be our expert team of plumbers can diagnose any problem and fix it accordingly.

With over 10 years of industry experience in servicing Sydney suburbs, you can rest assured that our plumbers bring a wealth of hot water repair knowledge to every job.



We can install, service, and repair many leading brands such as Dux, Rinnai, and Rheem to name a few.

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Hot water system troubleshooting guide

We have compiled a list of common problems that occur with different types of hot water systems and have troubleshot tips below.

Please Note: This is a guide and not an exact how to, if you aren't sure if you are able to check your hot water system safely, it is strongly advised that you seek professional advice. Having a professional plumber from Everyday Plumbing come out to check your hot water system can prevent you from spending more money than is needed to fix the problem.

Electric hot water repair troubleshooting guide

No Hot Water?

The most common reason there may be no hot water is that the safety switch has tripped. If that isn't the case the problem could be with the thermostat or element itself.

Not Enough Hot Water?

The go to when the water isn't hot enough is the thermostat. Thermostats allow you to manually adjust the temperature of the water. Another reason could be a dying element. Most hot water systems should have a TMV, if you had your system installed by an unqualified plumber they may not have set up the TMV properly.

Hot Water Takes Ages To Heat?

This can be a simple fix or a hard one. Simple is adjusting the thermostat. Hard could be a build up in the bottom of the tank or even a sign of a dying element.

Water Is Too Hot?

This is normally a sign that the thermostat is set too high. Hot water in your tank should be no less than 60°C. You can then add cold water along with your hot water in order to cool it down. If this isn't the case then your thermostat might not be sealed properly or is malfunctioning.

Noisy Heating Elements?

Noisy elements are usually caused by a build-up of scale on the element. It is possible to clean the element although new electric water heating elements aren't that expensive so cleaning may not be worth the effort.

Coloured Water?

This is a definite sign of scale build-up on the elements due to a fully dissolved anode. Anode rods keep the tank from rusting, if the anode isn't replaced with regular maintenance then rust will start eating away at the elements.

Water Smells Funny?

This isn't a good sign, this means that you have a build up of bacteria in your tank. Flushing the tank out may help, even replacing the anode with one made from a different metal might help. Best to seek professional advice when dealing with bacteria in your tank.

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Gas hot water repair troubleshooting guide

No Hot Water?

First, you need to ensure that the gas is turned on. Then check to see if the pilot is on. If the pilot light is out, refer to the owners manual on how to reignite.

Pilot Won't Light?

This could be due to the thermocouple being defective. Or even a gas leak either in the line or at the pressure regulator. It is advised that you turn off your gas source to the system and call a professional.

Water Is Luke Warm Not Hot?

Adjust the thermostat dial to a hotter setting. Another common reason is that you are out of gas and that the water coming out is what has already been heated. If replacing the gas doesn't help you should call a professional.

Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit?

This could be due to the orifice being dirty or even clogged which makes the flame small and unsustainable. If that isn't the issue then it is more than likely the thermocouple.

Hot Water Repairs

If you are experiencing any issues with your hot water system and are looking to have your hot water system repaired give us a call on 0406 400 200 or alternatively fill in our online booking form.


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