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Clearing Blocked Drains

Do you need to clear your blocked drains?

Everyone takes their drains for granted until they don't function the way that they are supposed to. When drains become clogged with food scraps, hair, soap, oils and various other things that find their way down your drain you will need to have them professionally cleared.



When should I clear my drains?

Why wait until your drains are no longer useful before having them cleared. If you have a plumber come out two or three times a year to clean your drains you can greatly decrease the chances of ever having blocked drains. If you have a drain that is currently blocked you should get a plumber out to fix it as soon as possible. This is to avoid potential flooding of your home or business.

Is there preventative measures I can take?

The best advice you can ever get in preventing blocked drains is to be very mindful of what gets put down them. After each use pour hot water down the drain for 3-5 seconds to help dislodge and flush away any unwanted debris.

Are there signs that my drains are blocking up?

  • Draining Slowly - If your water seems to take awhile to empty out of the sink or basin, this can be an early indication that your drains are becoming blocked. Alternatively if your running water into a sink or basin and it's filling up without the need of a plug then it isn't long before this will be classed as an emergency
  • Gurgling Sound - The gurgling sound that you hear from the drain is another early indication that there is debris that the water has to go around which is causing air bubbles to come to the surface of the water.
  • Hair and Soap - If you can see hair and soap scum around the rim of the drain this can be a small indicator of what is in the drain.
  • Smelly Drains - There are numerous reasons why drains can smell but one of them is due to a build up of debris that have been sitting in your drains for a while. For them to have been there long enough to start smelling means they are blocking your drain.

What are the common things that block a drain?

  • Shower and Vanity drains generally get clogged when dirt, skin flakes and hair bind to soap scum on the walls and pipes. Over time this big lump of gunk will reduce water flow and eventually completely block the drain.
  • Toilets clog by having things flushed that don't break down such as, feminine hygiene products, cotton tips/ swabs, dental floss and baby wipes. They can also clog due to large amounts of excess toilet paper.
  • Kitchen sink drains get clogged when cooking oils and detergent soap scum mix with undissolved food particales. The result is a mass of gunk that sticks to the walls of the drain pipe.

Will it cost a lot to have my drains cleared?

It will depend completely on where the blockage is located within the pipe, how long it takes to remove the blockage and what is required to remove it. It could be a little as $100 all the way up to $$$$.

How does a plumber clear drains?

There is no one size fits all in this case, there is various ways to clear a blocked drain depending on the type and size of the blockage. Common tools that a plumber could use to clear your drains are:

  • Plunger - These are used to dislodge objects by means of pressure and suction. Pressing down on a plunger causes pressure then pulling back up will cause suction.
  • Drain Auger (aka. Drain Snake, Plumber Snake) - These are a slender flexible cable that has the ability to rotate at one end. These are normally reserved for difficult clogs.
  • Water Jetter (aka. Pressure Washer) - These are highly flexible hoses which allow water to be blasted through the front and sides as well as the rear of the jetter tip. These can be used for various types of blockages

Everyday Plumbing

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