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Waterlogging is a huge issue for many homeowners. Not only does it ruin your landscaping, but it can also lead to structural damage to your home.

It’s hard work to create a beautiful garden and waterlogging can quickly undo all your efforts. In addition, waterlogging can also cause serious structural damage to your home if left untreated.

Trench Drains are the perfect solution for your surface drainage problems. They collect surface water run-off and prevent safety hazards. Our skilled plumbers can help you install trench drains and fix any drainage issues you may be experiencing. Let us keep your garden pretty and your building safe. Book an expert drain plumber today.

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What are trench drains and how can they help?

Trench drains are surface drains are used to primarily direct pooled water on the ground surface. It prevents water from damaging your house foundation and prevents slips and falls.

When it comes to fighting water damage, the trench drain is your best friend. A gutter-like structure that can be set into any area and helps protect against erosion by slowing down flowing water and diverting them elsewhere all while protecting million-dollar houses from getting wet!

Trench drains are an excellent way to slow down water flowing in desired patterns. They can be used for protecting areas that may suffer from erosion, like beaches or low-lying areas. Trenches also have other benefits such as diverting rainwater off your property and into the soil. This will naturally recharge groundwater tables while improving soil quality with added nutrients from decomposing organic matter. All without breaking any sweat on those hot days spent working outside fixing similar problems caused by natural disasters just waiting their turn to come right back again next season.

Benefits of Trench Drain Systems

Choosing an effective drainage system can solve problems of waterlogging easily.

Some of the benefits of installing trench drainage systems include:

  • They can redirect water after heavy rains and prevent safety hazards. Wet surfaces are a slip and fall hazard and trench drains can prevent any mishap
  • Prevent water damage to your property
  • Prevent soil erosion and waterlogging - don’t ignore water pooled in your yard. It can cause mosquito infestation and increase the risk of diseases
  • Your building structure, driveways, patios, etc will last longer

In a nutshell, trench drains are a long-term and cost-effective solution for surface drainage.

Drainage Types - Surface and Sub-Surface Drainage

There are two main types of drainage - surface and subsurface drainage.

Surface drainage comes in handy when you are dealing with heavy downpours. Quick action is needed in such cases to prevent flooding and erosion. Ditches, swales and trench drains are some examples of surface drainage.

Sub-Surface drainage deals with the groundwater. French drains are used in situations where excess water saturates the soil. Water follows the path of least resistance. Changes in the groundwater table or hydrostatic pressure can cause water to move sideways through a foundation. It can seep through cracks in the mortar and damage the building foundations. French drains deal with this problem. French drains direct the groundwater away from buildings. They are the path of least resistance for water thanks to the gravel bed.

French Drains or Trench Drain - What do you need?

Simple - if you are dealing with surface water, go for a trench drain. They clear away water fast and can be used anywhere like in parking lots, factories, highways, gardens, patios and walkways. It is preferred in homes with chances of water pooling and areas with negative sloping.

French drains are mainly used for groundwater problems. If water seeps immediately through the ground, french drains are your best bet. Not sure what’s the best solution for your problem? If you are having any drainage issues, simply talk to our experts. Our expert plumber can visit your property, analyse the issue and suggest solutions that fit your needs and budget. No one size fits all and we will recommend a solution best for your property.

We provide a range of backyard drainage solutions like french drains, trench drains, swales and stormwater drainage. So if you have any landscape drainage troubles, give us a call today.

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