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Sewer Pipe Collapse

Repairs of Collapsed Sewer Pipes

Sometimes a simple blocked drain is more than just a bunch of hair and soap scum that has accumulated over time. Pipes collapses happen due to a number of different reasons. Our team of expert plumbers can help you in moments like these to get your pipes back in working order.



Why do Sewer Pipes Collapse?

There are numerous reasons why sewer pipes can collapse even just after they have been installed. The most common reasons are:

  • Poor Installation: If your pipes were initially laid incorrectly the result can end up being that a pipe collapse.
  • Heavy Weight: You always need to be careful what is placed on the top of the grass that your pipes lay under. This includes, heavy machinery, cars, garages and slabs etc.
  • Ground Movement: You would be surprised how much the ground moves. You may not feel it but your pipes sure do, over time these movements can crush your pipes.
  • Structural Integrity: Like with most things, over time the pipes can start to lose their structural integrity and as a result collapse under the pressure.
  • Tree Roots: If your pipes are close to trees they are more susceptible to tree root intrusion which can also weaken the structrual integrity of the pipe.

There are more reasons that can contribute to your pipes collapsing but the above are the most common that your will find as the culprit.

What to do if my pipes are collapsed?

Unfortunately the only way to fix a collapsed pipe is to remove the collapsed section and replace it with a new piece of pipe. This plumbing problem is often quite invasive as it requires having to dig down to the pipe either through the lawn or garden and in some cases through the concrete slab of the home or patio.

This process is usually quite expensive and often requires the use of heavy machinery such as an excavator and operator. In extreme cases dependant on where the pipe is collapsed you may even need to have your road closed and traffic controllers on site.

How to prevent pipes from collapsing?

There are a two main options you can take prior to a pipe collapsing:

  1. You can have regular pipe inspections every few months to ensure that your pipes are healthy and strong. This can help if a section of pipe starts to become weak as well as being able to pickup of early signs of tree root intrusion and other forms of blockages.
  2. You can have pipe relining conducted which will add additional strength to the existing pipe in its weaker areas. Pipe reling does not require any digging but cannot be done once the pipe has collapsed.

Need help with your collapsed pipes?

If you have any questions about repairing damaged pipes or need a plumber to fix them ASAP, then give us a call today on 9191 7309 or alternatively you can fill in our online booking form and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you with your query.


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