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Roof Repairs

Do you need professional repairs for leaking roof?

Do you have water stains on your ceiling or exterior walls? Or there is no visible sign of damage but you can hear dripping noise or there’s a musty smell in your home?

Roof leaks can arise after a heavy downpour or just from general wear and tear from the weather. At Everyday Plumbing, we provide complete drainage services including leaking roof repairs, guttering and downpipe repairs to prevent water damage to your home. If you have a roof leak or damage, reach out to our roof plumbers for professional roof repairs in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney's southern areas today.



How can Everyday Plumbing help with leaking roof repairs?

A sturdy and watertight roof is essential to withstand the harsh Aussie climate. When it pours, you want the roof to protect your home from leaks and not let the water damage your belongings. Even minor roof leaks can quickly become big problems so you need to get them sorted right away. If it is an emergency, call our plumbers and we will turn up in a flash to fix your leaking roof.

The team at Everyday Plumbing can take care of a range of problems due to leaking roofs including:

  • Roof flashing repairs and resealing
  • Professional gutter inspections
  • Complete gutter system replacements
  • Reinstating sections of guttering, elbows, brackets
  • Repairing or replacing downpipes
  • Gutter Repairs
Damaged roof

Common causes of roof leaks

Our expert roof plumbers are trained and qualified to fix all causes of roof leaks. We are equipped to deal with all kinds of roof leaks due to:

  • Cracked flashing
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Clogged or sagging guttering
  • Overflowing, leaking gutters
  • Tile damage
  • General wear and tear
  • Age of the roof
  • Valley (the area where two planes of roof come together) is not properly sealed
  • Roof vents are cracked
  • Faulty skylight installation
  • Moss growth on the roof
Man in kitchen getting rained on

Why choose Everyday Plumbers for your roof repairs?

  • Qualified roof plumbers with over 11 years of experience in repairing leaking roofs, guttering and downpipes
  • Fixed and upfront pricing - No hidden costs and surprises
  • Always on-time
  • Emergency plumbers that you can rely on - we have a quick response time and our plumbers ensure you get the best service possible no matter the time or the size of the job!
  • Lifetime labour guarantee on all our jobs
  • High-quality solutions for all kinds of plumbing issues
  • Clean and tidy
  • 20% discounts for pensioners and seniors
  • Easy payment options - all our vehicles carry mobile EFTPOS machines
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Professional and reliable roof repairs Sydney

For the very best, high-quality roof repairs services throughout Sydney, contact Everyday Plumbing on 0406 400 200 or complete our complete our roof repairs service request form today.


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