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Drainage Solutions

Are you having flooding and drainage problems?

Typically a flood is the result of insufficient drainage around the home. Floods can cause all kinds of damage to properties from killing the lawn and surrounding flora and fauna to damaging the outside walls, decks and other outdoor areas of your home. Our plumbers are able to quickly diagnose your drainage issue and rectify it so you no longer have to worry when you see dark clouds in the sky.



Types of Drainage Solutions

Before installing any new drainage solution you must first diagnose the current drainage problem. Sometimes it is as simple as an existing blocked drain that is causing water to backlog and flood. The most common drain solutions are:

Surface Drainage:

This typically consists of small ditches or land grading which removes the colected water off of the land surface.

Underground Drainage:

This drainage type collects excess water and will transprt it through underground piping to a particular section be it a tank or dump spot.

How to check if I need better drainage

A simple yet effective test that you can do yourself is to dig a hoe around two feet deep and 2 feet wide. Fill the hole to the top with water from either the hose or bottle. Set a timer and comeback to check every hour for you result.

  • Drained within the first hour: If the water has drained away within the first hour then your drainage is perfect.
  • If it takes approximately 12 hours: There is typically a problem and you should consult your local plumber.
  • Longer than 24 hours: If your water doens't drain away after 24 hours then you have a very serious drainage issue which could affect the structural integity of your home as well as deep roots of surrounding trees and shrubs.

Everyday Plumbing

For more informtation on drainage solutions for your home or how our expert plumbers can help you then give us a call today on 9191 7309 and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you with your query.


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