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Grease Arrestor Installation

Complete grease trap installation solutions

Everyday Plumbing can take care of grease trap installation services for commercial and industrial businesses throughout the Sutherland Shire, St George, Canterbury Bankstown, and Liverpool areas of Sydney’s south. Our experienced plumbers are up to date with all the Sydney Water grease trap guidelines and ensure every installation adheres to the relevant trade waste pretreatment requirements to protect the local fresh and wastewater systems.

Book a grease arrestor installation service with our team of Sutherland Shire plumbers today.



Grease trap guidelines

The type of business and the work you do will guide what style and size of grease arrestor (grease trap) you will require. Wastewater pretreatment requirements vary for commercial and industrial businesses, as well as the type of trade waste you release eg. food or automotive.

Grease trap installations must be completed by a licenced plumber, and comply with strict installation requirements set out by Sydney Water to protect the wastewater system in your area. The trap manufacturer instructions also must be adhered to.

Approval from Sydney Water must be received prior to installation works commencing and a Discharge Trade Wastewater application may need to be completed. Find out more - sydneywater.com.au/tapin

Sydney Water grease trap installation requirements

Important considerations when installing a grease trap in the Sydney Water area.

  • Location - ensure the trap is easily accessible so it can be professionally cleaned out.
  • Inlet connection - must connect the pump line to a junction then to the double y junction
  • Outlet connection - invert level of the outlet pipe must be correct.
  • Boundary trap - essential on all commercial and industrial properties with a gravity connection to sewer.
  • Backflow prevention - the installation of a cold tap protected with a backflow prevention device is required within 5m of the grease trap
  • Venting - two 100mm vents must be installed for cross ventilation - one on the inlet line and a second on the grease trap.
  • Safe access - above ground grease trap platforms and steps must be manufactured to the Australian Standard 1657 for safe access and trap maintenance.
  • Compliance plate - the compliance plate with number must be clearly visible.
  • Inspections - the grease trap must be inspected by a Plumbing and Drainage Inspector once installation is complete to ensure pipework complies with AS/NZS 3500
  • Vertical clearance - vertical clearance above the grease trap to be greater than the maximum of depth of grease trap.
  • Lids - must comply with the Australian Standards
  • Gully - grease trap must not be used as a relief overflow point - a gully must be installed in addition to the trap.
  • Reflux valve - a reflux valve must be installed if levels between the overflow level of the lowest fixtures and top of the relief valve is less than 150mm different or if the soffit requirements for Sydney Water’s sewer cannot be adhered to.
  • In-sink bucket trap and in-floor bucket trap - an authorised in-sink or in-floor bucket trap must be installed in food preparation and handling areas.

More details on Sydney Water's guidelins can be found here - sydneywater.com.au

Your local grease trap plumbing specialists in Sydney’s southside

For more information on the installation of a grease trap for your businesses contact our plumbing team at 0406400200 or complete our quick online Grease Trap Installation Booking form today.


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