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Leak Detection Sydney

Leak detection services Sutherland Shire

Water leaks can be either really easy to find or extremely difficult. They can be from faulty fixtures and piping in bathrooms and kitchens or in more severe cases they can be found behind walls, under slabs, in ceilings within drains and sewer pipes as well as outside in gardens and underground. Most people don't even realise that they have a leak and continue to pay exorbitant water bills



Regular leak checks

It is a common fact that older homes are more susceptible to leaks however, newer properties can also have leaks due to any plumbing problems during the building process. These can include piping and fixtures both internal and external. If these problems are not detected and resolved they can threaten the structural integrity of the home as well as the safety of its occupants.

Ensuring that you have regular leak detections carried out can dramatically reduce and potentially prevent future plumbing emergencies, expensive repairs and severe damage to your property.

Waterproof testing

Signs of a water leak

The following signs aren't specific to just water leaks and may be experienced for other reasons as well. If however, you are experiencing any of the following it is advised that you call your local professional, immediately:

  • Contaminated water: If your water is discoloured or has chunks of dirt and grime this is a sign of a leak
  • Water gushing: If you can see water spurting out from a pipe^ in your home or yard this is a very clear sign of a leak.
  • No pressure: When losing water due to a leak the water pressure in the home can be halved and in some cases non-existent.
  • No hot water: This can be due to a leak in the hot water system and is easy to find as the system is usually located next to the premise.
  • Big water bills: If you notice a significant jump in your water bills this is commonly due to an unidentified water leak.
  • Damp walls: There are a few reasons this might happen, a leaking pipe in the wall is the main culprit.
  • Running water sound: If you can hear constant running of water but none of your taps is on this is a pretty good indicator that you have a leak
  • Water meter: Ensure that all of your taps and water appliances are turned off then check if your water meter is ticking over. This is a sign that you have a leak.
^ Please Note: Sometimes your water supply may be due to a leaking mains pipe on another property down the road. If you suspect this to be the case contact and inform Sydney Water about the leak.

Benefits of using Everyday Plumbing

As well are fully licensed plumbers, we can conduct any of the necessary repairs there and then. This removes the need to get another contractor in and keeps prices down.


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