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Pipe Freezing Sutherland Shire

Your local pipe freezing contractors in Sydney’s south

Undertaking repairs or restoration works to damaged pipes which cannot be isolated or are part of an operating system which needs to continue functioning while the work is carried out presents several logistical challenges. Everyday Plumbing’s specialist pipe freezing service provides a practical, time efficient solution for this issue.

We can provide pipe freezing for jobs our team is carrying out as well as repair or restoration work performed by other licenced technicians. Eg other plumbers, aircon technicians, building fire system repairs, and manufacturing system operators.

Speak to our pipe freezing contractors to get your plumbing, drainage, air conditioning or refrigeration repairs or maintenance carried out in Sutherland Shire, Liverpool, St George or Canterbury Bankstown areas today.



Benefits of pipe freezing

For ageing or hard to access pipes suffering from leaks, cracks or other issues pipe freezing allows works to be performed without requiring a full shutdown. In older buildings the valves which are designed to allow you to shut off areas of the plumbing system can fail, preventing vital plumbing work or repairs to be carried out. Pipe freezing can be ideal for replacing faulty shut off valves or working in these areas on damaged pipe or fittings which need replacing, or plumbing or system modifications.

Another great use for pipe freezing is to isolate certain areas of plumbing systems while maintaining water flow through other essential systems in the building like heating or hot water. This application is ideal for use in larger buildings, such as multi storey apartments, commercial or manufacturing properties.

What is pipe freezing?

The pipe freezing system uses liquid nitrogen to reduce the temperature of a small section of pipe to such an extent that the water or liquid inside solidifies, forming a ‘plug’ completely blocking the pipe.

Pipe freezing is a time saving process that can reduce the length of many plumbing, drainage, aircon and refrigeration repair jobs, offering labour and cost savings across the works, and removing the need to drain the whole pipe/system.

How does pipe freezing work?

The section of pipe is fitted with a ‘jacket’ and liquid nitrogen is gradually applied to the external surface of the chosen section of pipe, progressively freezing the water/liquid inside to create a solid block of ice. This process is continued throughout the duration of the works to maintain the frozen blockage.

Once the job is completed the frozen section is allowed to thaw, restoring the flow along the pipe.

Pipe freezing can be used for a range of pipes including galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

How long does it take to freeze a pipe?

This depends on factors such as the size of the pipe, type of pipe material, what is flowing through the pipe, the pipes location, as well as the surrounding heat sources. Our plumbers will be able to provide you with a time estimate when quoting your job.

Take advantage of pipe freezing for your tricky plumbing job

Our experienced plumbers will be able to provide a full assessment of the work required and your pipes to find out if pipe freezing can be used for your project. Contact our plumbing team at 0406400200 or complete our quick online pipe freezing quote booking form today.


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