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Noisy Pipes

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Need help to silence noisy plumbing fixtures?

Are banging pipes or water hammer problems driving you slightly mad? Noisy pipes are a nuisance and can put a serious strain on pipes and household appliances. They can also lead to water leaks and burst pipes if the problem isn’t resolved.

So if your taps or pipes are making a noise, don’t panic. Contact your trusted local plumbers at Everyday Plumbing and we'd be happy to provide a practical efficient noisy pipe repair solution.


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Why do water pipes make noises?

  • Water Hammer
  • Loose Piping
  • Worn-out Washers
  • Faulty Aerator
  • Worn-out Ballcock Assembly
  • Sediment Build-up
  • High Water Pressure
Water pipes

Common causes of noisy water pipes

Water Hammer

Most taps and faucets these days have an air chamber or aerator mechanism behind the faucet to help disperse any excess water pressure once the faucet is turned off. Over time the air in the water hammer arrestors can escape and creating a loud banging or hammering noise. Water hammer usually occurs in old pipes after a tap is closed suddenly or if the water pressure in the pipeline increases. The problem of water hammer should be taken seriously as it can lead to water leaks and burst pipes .

To fix a water hammer issue, turn off your main water valve and drain all the taps. Once they are drained, turn on the main water. If the water hammer problem still persists, call your local plumber who will be able to recommend best solutions to fix the issue.

Loose Piping

Over time pipes can sway and rattle and become loose from years of water pressure, this can often lead to the pipes banging on walls and floors causing noise and plumbing problems. If you visually inspect the pipes and can spot loose sections contact a plumber to provide secure stabilisation for the pipes to stop the issue occurring.

Old & Worn Out Washers

A noisy tap can be caused by a worn-out washer. A worn washer or valve seat is often easy to diagnose as it has a distinct whistling noise that can be heard when the tap is running.

Faulty Aerator

Noisy taps can produce annoying screeching, whining or squealing sounds. If replacing the washer doesn't stop the problem of noisy taps, the next step is to remove the aerator. Turn on the tap after removing the aerator, if the noise stops, replace the aerator with new.

If the problem still persists, it could be due to high water pressure. The water pressure can be tested using a pressure gauge and if the water pressure is higher than 65psi, it can be the reason for your noisy taps. We can replace your pressure regulator and help protect your valuable appliances and pipe infrastructure.

Worn-out ballcock assembly

If a whistling noise occurs after flushing your toilet this can often be the result of a worn-out ballcock assembly in your cistern. However, if the whistling noise occurs all the time, it could be due to a problem with the vertical overflow tube.

Sediment Buildup

People often associate deep rumbling pipe noise with older homes, however, the real issue is generally due to sediment build up in your water heater. This can often be easily recified by your hot water specialist.

High Water Pressure

If you can hear a constant vibrating or thrumming noise, you may be affected by high water pressure. After a while house pumps can wear or malfunction. This can result in excess water pressure feeding large water pipes to the smaller pipes. This can cause many of the above problems including water hammering and loose pipes. This can also be the cause of an emergency burst pipe which is a whole other can of worms.

Our plumbers can help you with noisy tap problems

The problems discussed above need professional attention. A DIY job can worsen the problem as you may not be able to find out what the root cause of the noisy tap issue is, potentially making the problem more difficult to repair. If you need help fixing noisy pipes or taps, contact licensed Sydney Plumbers at Everyday Plumbing.

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The friendly team at Everyday Plumbing can help you get your quiet plumbing back. Don’t let the noisy water pipes keep you awake at night any longer. We have all the right equipment to quickly and efficiently locate the cause of the noise and find a cost-effective solution, so give Everyday a call on or complete an online job booking today.

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