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Common questions that we can broadly answer

How do I know if I have a leak?

Normally a leaking water pipe will cause visual flooding and high water bills. If you have a leak you can sometimes even hear water sounds from inside the walls and roof or under the floor. Another tell tale sign is if you have low water pressure. Having your home or business regularly inspected by a plumber can help to identify leaks before they become serious.

How much does it cost for a plumber?

This question gets asked a lot and without having fixed prices it is difficult to answer. The reason why not just plumbers but all tradespeople don't state prices is because they are completely dependant on the size of the job. Below is examples of how jobs can differ.

  • Example 1 - We diagnosed that Jane Doe's toilet wasn't flushing due to a lot of slack in the lift chain inside of the cistern. Once shortened the toilet flushed perfectly.
  • Example 2 - We diagnosed that John Smith's toilet wasn't flushing due to a blockage in the water pipe located in the wall. This required us to unplumb the toilet then using a drain snake we were able to clear the blockage. Once the toilet was plumbed back where it was and it flushed perfectly

In the examples above both toilets didn't flush but both required different things in order to get them flushing again. It is due to this that prices vary from job to job.

How to know when I need a plumber?

Anytime you find a problem with the plumbing in your home or business you should call a plumber. Whether it is to assess the problem or to fix it, a plumber is the only person that can give proper advice on the problem. If it is an emergency, ensure that you clearly state the emergency when talking to the plumber. Any plumbing problem big or small if left unfixed has the potential to turn into an emergency.

My toilet won't flush what can I do?

If your toilet is clogged you can normally get it back to normal by using a plunger or a bucket of hot water. Make sure to check that there is water in the cistern before trying to flush. If you are unable to get your toilet flushing after using a plunger and hot water or your cistern isn't filling up with water then we recommend calling your local plumber to come out and take a look.

What can cause low water pressure?

Other than a leak in the pipes, water pressure can be affected by valve problems, debris buildups, and other blockages. It is recommended to check with your neighbours first to see if their water pressure is low as well. If this is the case then we recommend checking NSW Water for news and updates. If your neighbours aren't experiencing low water pressure you should get in contact with your local plumber.

Why do my drains smell?

If you have an odour coming from your drains chances are it is because of sulphur. To be more specific hydrogen sulphide gas is caused by bacteria in the pipes. Although it is good to note that this isn't the only reason for smelly drains it is a very common reason. In order to fix the problem, you need to disinfect the pipes.

This can be done by pouring half a cup of bleach down your drain or alternatively, you can use half a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar. Keep in mind that if you use the latter of the two there will be a mini chemical reaction that will cause foam to come back up the pipe, it is advised that you block the drain after pouring the vinegar to help force the foam through the pipe.

After either method, you should then wash warm to hot water down the drain. If this does not work then you should contact your local plumber.

Why do my pipes make knocking sounds?

Knocking pipes are usually caused by improperly secured piping, or by air bubbles being compressed within the pipes. Neither of these are a major cause for concern. Having your pipes secured with proper fittings should stop any shaking during use. However, if the problem is due to air bubbles then a visit from your local plumber can help to remove the problem.

Why does my drain clog and how do I unblock it?

Drains can clog due to a number of different reasons the main being debris such as oil, soap, hair and food products building up over time and creating a blockage. There are many different drain cleaners on the market that are a good first step to unblocking a drain yourself. Sometimes drains are beyond the abilities of domestic drain cleaning chemicals though, if this is the case then it's time to call your local plumber.

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