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Bosch Hot Water

Bosch Hot Water Systems - Installation, repairs, and servicing

Bosch hot water systems offer a top quality water heating option in a variety of styles and models, from gas continuous flow or electric storage and heat pump systems. The Everyday Plumbing and Gas Services team can install, repair and service your Bosch hot water heater throughout the Sutherland Shire and the surrounding areas.



The Bosch Hot Water System range

Bosch Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water

Unlimited hot water from a compact gas hot water system, perfect for all sized homes. Only heats the water when you turn on the tap so no wasted energy used keeping water hot 24/7.

  • Bosch OptiFlow - 12L, 16L, 20L, 26L per minute capacity options, 6 Star efficiency, sleek industrial design, solar compatible, 3 year parts and labour warranty, indoor or outdoor models
  • Bosch Mechanical - gas only no electricity required, 10L, 13L, 16L per minute capacity options,
  • Bosch Condensing - both residential and commercial options, LPG and natural gas, features secondary heat exchanger to maximise energy efficiency
  • Bosch Commercial - tough, efficient range ideal for commercial applications, huge 32L per minute capacity
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Bosch Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

Easily upgrade your old electric hot water system with a Bosch Tronic 1000T electric storage unit. Slimline and standard tank size options for flexible installations.

  • 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L, 315L and 400L storage tank options
  • dual handed connection for easy installation
  • strong, durable vitreous enamel lined steel tank
  • 7 year cylinder warranty and 2 year parts and labour warranty

Bosch Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Extremely energy efficient water heating without the need for solar panels on the roof. The Compress 3000 offers up to 65% reduced energy use compared to standard electric storage hot water systems.

  • Government rebates available
  • operates efficiently in all climates from -7°C to 40°C
  • can be used in conjunction with solar power systems to further increase energy efficiency

Bosch Commercial Hot Water Systems

High quality, reliable gas commercial hot water systems ideal for large volume hot water requirements.

  • Bosch 32 and commercial condensing instant hot water systems
  • huge 32L capacity
  • both natural gas and LPG options
  • highly efficient, secondary heat exchanger

More information on the Bosch range can be found on their website - bosch-climate.com.au

Your Local Bosch Hot Water Specialists

If you're looking for a top quality, energy efficient hot water system a Bosch unit will live up to your expectations. Contact Everyday Plumbing and Gas for all your Bosch hot water needs in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney by calling 02 9191 7309 or complete our quick online booking request today.


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