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Compare hot water heater styles

Deciding which style of hot water system will suit your home or business can be overwhelming. Ensuring the style you purchase is the most economical, energy efficient and will meet the hot water demands now and in the future can take some serious research.


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Our team work with all types of hot water systems every day and our customers often ask for advice on which water heater is best for their needs. The answer to this question depends on many factors such as available power options, storage space, roof area and aspect, hot water usage, purchase budget, and renewable energy priority.

Compare hot water systems

We’ve put together some points as well as the pros and cons of each style to help you choose the perfect system for your needs.


  • Large quantity of hot water on hand to cope with high hot water requirements
  • Indoor or outdoor installation options
  • Suitable for continuous or off-peak tariffs - tank size increase should be considered for off-peak connection
  • Mains pressure maintained


  • Substantial space in yard or cupboard inside required for installation
  • Some regular maintenance such as anode replacement
  • Continuously heating stored water - increasing energy costs
  • Lag time while the tank reheats


The purchase price is generally quite affordable, but operation costs are on the high side.

  • Small unit
  • Ideal for the office sink, granny flat or small bathroom where hot water needs are low
  • Indoor fitted
  • Heats on demand
  • Minimal choice
  • Some unit have high power requirement - 3 phase power


The purchase price is within a mid range but operation costs are high.

  • Natural gas or LPG options
  • Star rated for easy comparison of running costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Indoor and outdoor installation options
  • Continually heating stored water
  • Storage space needed for LPG bottle


The purchase price is quite affordable and operation costs are within the mid-range.

  • Energy efficient - up to 7 Star
  • Versatile installation - the small unit is fitted to a wall
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Heats on demand - no heat loss through stored water
  • Natural gas and LPG options
  • Lower pressure than storage to allow water to heat as it passes through the heat exchanger
  • Several units may be needed for a large house or homes with a high demand for hot water at one time of the day.


The purchase price is relatively affordable and operation costs are low.

  • Very energy efficient
  • Utilises heat from the sun
  • Ground (split system) or roof mounted (thermosiphon) tank
  • Electric or gas boosted options
  • Possible rebates from state and federal green energy schemes
  • Booster needed for overcast days
  • Doesn't heat overnight


The purchase price sits between mid to high range but operation costs are very low.

  • Works very well in warmer climates
  • Uses warmth from the air to heat the water
  • Gas or electric booster options
  • Easy upgrade from electric storage
  • Around 3 times as energy efficient as electric storage
  • Can be noisy
  • Not ideal for cooler climates - needs to work longer to heat water reducing efficiency
  • Outdoor installation only


The purchase price is high but operation costs are low.

More information on all these hot water system styles can be found here:

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