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Small Hot Water Systems

Big vs Small hot water systems: which should you choose?

The size of your hot water system depends entirely on the desired outcome you want from the system and the available space in your home. Everyday Plumbing have been providing hot water systems to Sydney's main suburbs for many years and there has been a considerable rise in small under sink hot water system installations in beach side units in places like Cronulla.

What makes this hot water system type so popular is the fact it can fit in small apartments that don't have a lot of space or the option of backyard installation. A small hot water system works in the same way as it’s bigger counterparts however this smaller option allows for easy convenient storage under the sink or on the wall.



Do small hot water systems come in every type of hot water system?

While there are quite a few types of hot water systems on the market today such as electric, gas and solar hot water, only electric hot water heaters can be fitted into a small space. Gas and solar hot water systems will reduce running costs and save energy, however they are much bulkier and require a large amount of space to be installed. An electric storage or electric instant water heating system is definitely the best way to go for the convenience of fast hot water in a limited space.

Not only does Everyday Plumbing do expert installations and repairs, we also give great advice. It can get a bit confusing when trying to find the right instant water heater for you, which is why we’re happy to talk you through your options. Simply call us on 02 1300 520 898 and one of our qualified plumbers will be able to take your call and answer any questions you may have.

What brand of small hot water system is best?

If you do decide to install a small electric hot water system then you will be faced with another stressful and important decision: brand choice. There are many different brands that have flooded the market, however the recommended and Everyday Plumbing favourite is Stiebel Eltron hot water.

Stiebel Eltron systems come in four model styles:

  • Open vented compact storage water heater
  • Mains pressure compact storage water heater
  • Single phase electric instantaneous water heater
  • Three phase electric instantaneous water heater

Each of these styles have their own range of features to suit the amount of space you have available and to suit the type of system you’re wanting installed.

Features of the open vented compact storage water heater:

  • Under sink design
  • Saves energy through point of use design
  • Timer and ECO function for greater savings

Features of the mains pressure compact storage water heater:

  • Space saving under sink or basin design
  • Suitable for use with all hot water taps
  • Ability to service multiple points

Features of the single phase electric instantaneous water heater: 

  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Compact design for space saving installations
  • Electronically controlled

Features of the three phase electric instantaneous water heater:

  • Maximum hot water temperature of 50°
  • The three phase heater saves power due to the fact that no hot water is stored
  • Electronic safety system with air detection

*Features only available on particular models.

Your local small hot water systems Sydney

No matter what brand or model you decide to go with, it's important that you choose an experienced and licensed plumber to install your hot water system otherwise this could end up costing you big down the track. Talk to our team today about tailoring one of our recommended hot water systems to your requirements today. Contact our team on 0488 801 008 or complete our quick hot water service request form today.


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