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Hot Water Installation

Do you need a new Hot Water System?

There is nothing worse than having a cold shower due to no hot water. When shopping around for a new hot water system you should really work out what type you are after first. Hot water systems come in all different shapes and sizes with different types and power sources required in order to power them. With so many different systems on the market these days it is no longer a case of how much money you have to spend. It is more what do you want your system to provide.



What types of hot water systems are there?

  • Recirculation Systems - These types of systems work by circulating the water through hot water pipes and then back through the water heating system until the water reaches a set tempreture.
  • On-Demand - With these types of systems the hot water stays hot until the recirculation system is triggered by the operation of either a hot water tap, a switch or a sensor.
  • Continuous - These work by having hot water cirulating continuously for a period of time each day that is usually set on a timer.
  • Instantaneous - With these systems the water flow is detected by a sensor that then ignites a burner which heats the water passing through the heat exchanger. The water absorbs the heat as it flows through the heat exchanger.

Can I convert from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water system?

Yes you can, although the process can be lengthy and expensive. Our advice would be, if you aren't planning on staying in the property for a long time, converting from electric to gas might not be a worthwhile investment for you. However, if you do decide that you want to go ahead as you are planning on staying or it is an investment property, then a gas system is a perfect upgrade.

Things to consider if you are converting from electric to gas that will impact on how long it takes and how much it will ultimately cost.

  • Does your property already have gas connected? If not you will have find out if its possible to supply gas to your property. If so what type: bottled LPG or natural gas.
  • Does that supply pipe provide enough gas for the new hot water system? The more gas needed the bigger the supply pipe needs to be.
  • Where are you planning on putting your new gas system? Instantaneous and continuous flow hot water systems need to comply with Australian Standards.
  • Will you need to install a water pressure limiting device? This is to control excessive water pressure.

As you can see it isn't always a straight forward procedure, they are just a few of the questions that both you and your plumber are going to need to know before you can even commence the conversion.

What is my new hot water systems max temperature?

This will be dependant on what type of hot water system you have installed. Typically new units will be over 60°C as that is the the lowest tempreture to ensure no bacteria can grow inside of the tank. Normally you will also have a tempering valve installed with your new system that controls how hot the water is in your home. This way your hot water system can be well above 60°C but your home can be a pleasant 45°C to 50°C.

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