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Thermann Hot Water

Thermann solar, gas, electric, and instant

Everyday Plumbing and Gas Services offer the supply, installation, repairs, and maintenance of the complete Thermann hot water range across the Sutherland Shire and Sydney’s southern suburbs. Top quality Thermann hot water systems are built tough for the variable, and sometimes extreme, Australian climate.



Thermann solar hot water

Thermann produces both gas boosted and electric boosted evacuated tube solar hot water systems. Reduce your home’s water heating costs significantly now and in the future by harnessing the abundant power of the sun.

Evacuated tube solar design provides more useable surface area when the sun is not directly overhead as opposed to traditional solar hot water panels. Providing maximum water heating capacity which is important on overcast or dull days.

The gas or electric booster supplies backup heating during cloudy days and ensures hot water is available all the time, even in the morning.

Thermann solar hot water systems are available in 250L, 315L, and 400L.

Gas Continuous Flow

The Thermann C7 and Thermann 26 gas continuous flow instant hot water systems offer extremely energy efficient water heating options for your home or business. The C7 is available in 26L and the 6 Star in 16L, 20L and 26L these units are backed by a 12 year heat exchanger warranty. Both models have natural gas or LPG options and 50℃ or 60℃ units to ensure the hot water is delivered to your kitchen or bathroom at a safe temperature.

Storage hot water systems

Easily replace or upgrade your current storage hot water system with a top quality Thermann electric or gas unit.

  • Electric storage - available in 80L, 160L, 315L, or 400L
  • Gas storage - 4 Star available in 135L and 170L.
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Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump

Heat pump hot water systems use the ambient warmth in the air to heat the water. With an effective operating temperature range of -5 to +42℃ the Thermann heat pump is an ideal energy efficient alternative to electric storage hot water systems throughout Sydney’s south.

Your local Thermann specialists

Everyday Plumbing and Gas Services are your local Thermann hot water specialists contact our team for installation, repairs and upgrades on 0406 400 200 or complete our quick hot water service request form today.


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